Sunday, June 30, 2013

Elf-mazing find at Target

So it's no surprise I spend a lot of time in Target,  if they allowed it I think I would live there lol.  Anyways my daughter and I where browsing the makeup aisles and I decided to stop by the elf section.  As I bent down I noticed the new lip crayons and decided for $2 each I would pick up a few colors.  I have tired the revlon lip crayons and I wasnt impressed but to my surprise these crayons have good color payoff and you could definitely layer them for a more opaque finish.  They are very moisturizing,  great to put in your purse because you don't need a mirror to put them on and a must try for only and I repeat only $2 each.   Below are the 3 colors I brought and please let me know if you try them and what you think :)

From top to bottom:  "Movie star",   "Pink umbrellas",  and "In the nude"

 From top to bottom:  "In the nude",  "Pink umbrellas",  and "Movie star"

 Lip swatch of "Movie star",  this color is a sheer red that gives her lips just enough color but it can be layered for a more opaque payoff,  can't wait to try it paired with a simple winged eyeliner.

 Lip swatch of "Pink umbrellas",  this is a gorgeous shade of pinkie nude and would go great if you need a little bit of color on those lazy days.

Lip swatch of "In the nude",  a great flesh tone and the formula lets a little of your lip color show through  or again you can layer it to fully cancel out the natural color of your lips,  would be perfect paired with a dramatic eye.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

essie's shake your $ maker Dupe

So I know its been forever since I posted,  but I had to share this lol :)  While at Target today I saw the new essie summer collection and because I LOOOOVE green I was drawn in.  Long story short I paid the $8.00 for my pretty green polish and when I got home decided to swatch it,  and realized that not only was this polish extremely shear but it reminded me of a much cheaper polish that was already in my collection.  I swatched both shades side by side and thought I would share and hopefully save you some money as I will be returning the essie polish.  Hope you enjoy!

Essie's "Shake your $ maker" $8.00 VS. Sinful colors "Irish green" #198 $1.99

Left: Essie's "Shake your $ maker" Right:  Sinful colors "Irish green" #198
Shown with 2 coats each.