Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011

Just finished watching the VS fashion show and it was beautiful.  I love this show because its so creative and the VS models are sooo beautiful.  Below I posted a picture of my favorite VS models.  I feel so inspired by the colors, designs and the attention to details.  I don't think I could even pick out 1 part to call my favorite but if I had to choose I think it would be the aquarium angels and club pink.  All the music artist sounded amazing and it was so cute to watch the angels rock out.  Also quick shout out to Miranda Kerr coming back from having her baby and she looks amazing :)  Hope everyone was able to watch and enjoy the show, if not look up the videos on Youtube.com. I think I smell hair tutorial lol :D

Adriana Lima,  Miranda Kerr,  Candice Swanepoel

Sunday, November 27, 2011

OOTD/ Celebrity look for less

Hey everyone I hope you enjoy my first OOTD, it also doubles as a look for less. This look was inspirated by Ashley Greene. I decided to do this video to hopefully inspire bigger women to go outside their comfort zone and also show that fashion doesnt have to cost tons of money as my outfit only cost $68. I hope you enjoy and if you like these videos please comment below and i'll of course do more. Thanks for watching :D
Ashley Greene March 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New tutorial

My new tutorial is finally up after my movie editor crashed and almost lost all the editing i did.  I got my inspiration while looking for images for my boyfriend and found this image of Kim
Kardashain.  So I decided to give it a try,  hope u like it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

First Post :)

Hey Everyone,

My name is Chanel Melendez and this is my first blog post,  I am going to start with some info about myself and why I started blogging.  First of all I'm a mom of 3 beautiful children Nicholas (9),  Noelle (6),  and Thaleia (4).  Right now I'm going to school @ Empire beauty school in Lehigh valley and my goal is to be a beauty artist.  I've been interested in hair and makeup since I was a little girl and finally decided to get into something I truly love and enjoy.  To get my name out there I started a youtube channel called nellie12783 in which i upload hair and makeup tutorials etc.  Now when reading this some people may say what's a beauty artist?  Well you have makeup artist,  hairstylist etc.  I want to be the person that does it all because I enjoy beauty in every aspect and think everyone no matter what is beautiful and I want to do everything to make you feel that way.