Monday, April 30, 2012

The Easiest Way To Give Yourself A French Manicure

That week I went to the International Beauty show at NYC and Discovered this manicure set that makes the french manicure a breeze and it will last up to 1 week.  The product is from Dashing Diva Professional and its called the "French wrap Manicure" it guarantee's no chipping, long lasting, and a perfect smile line every time.  This kit contains 140 french wraps for short nails, 140 french wraps for long nails,  brush on nail glue,  base seal,  fast drying top coat,  pink sponge file,  white broad file,  customers size card,  table tent,  and full instructions,  and its enough product for over 20 french manicures all for $36.99 from CosMoProfs lol I sound like a cheesy sales man :)  I decided to try the kit out today ( and yes I brought it with my own money)  and had to tell you it is the EASIEST,  I applied the french nail wraps to myself in about 10 minutes so I can only imagine its going to be even easier to apply this on a customer.  I am most definitely going to film a tutorial on how to apply the wraps soon but I wanted to try it first.  Until the below I will post images of the packing and my finished nails,  hope you check it out.  God Bless and have a wonderful week <3

P.S.  Easy squeezy lemon peazy lol.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Today I decided to stop by Ulta to pick up the new palette by NYX inspired by Dark Shadows starring Johnny Deep, it's called The Crimson Amulet Collection.  This palette comes with 24 eye shadows,  5 blushes, 1 highlighter,  4 lip glosses,  1 eye shadow base, and 1 liquid eye liner for just $24.99.  This is such an mazing deal the eye shadows and blushes are soooo silky smooth,  have a nice mixture of finishes,  and the packing is going to be great for travel.  Below I will post some pictures and swatches of this palette,  please let me know if you get the NYX palette and how you like it.  Until next time God Bless.

 First 3 rows of shadows from right to left

  Second set of shadows

Lip glosses top row,  blushes and highlighter bottom row

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Magnetic Nail polish

I took advantage of Sally's buy 2 polishes get 1 free in their April ad,  I brought 2 China glaze and decided to try FingerPaints magnetic nail color in "Steel of the night" retails for $6.99 which is a great price considering China glaze has the same concept but the magnet comes separate and its just as much as the nail polish @ sally's its $5.99 polish and $5.99 for magnet also Sephora has the brand nails inc. which retails for $16.99 and the packing looks exactly like the FingerPaints ( I'll post pics of both).  Anyway it is basically a grey metal color and when you use the magnet you get a black wave and it works pretty well the only nail I had a problem with was the thumb but it gave a cool 3D effect and the polish is very opaque.  Let me know if you try out these polishes and how they worked for you.  Also let me know if anyone would like me to do a nail tutorial for  God bless and have a wonderful week <3

 fingerpaints "steel of the night" available at sally's for $6.99
 nails inc. "Trafalgar Square" available at sephora for $16 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My First Wedding

So by the title you are probably thinking this post is going to be about my wedding but I fooled you or maybe I didn't,  but this post is about the first wedding I've done hair for,  The bride's name is Dana and I was referred to her by Erin a wonderful friend from school.  I created hairstyles for 3 of her bridesmaids,  the experience was fun and they are all so nice.  Below I have side and back views of 2 bridesmaids unfortunately I will have to upload the 3rd later on because I wasn't able to take the picture before she left :(  but the Dana said she would get me the images so Wooohooo lol.  This experience was one that I won't forget and I'm so thankful for the opportunity.  I pray that Dana and her husband have a wonderful and blessed marriage <3

This is the hairstyle that was similar to the third bridesmaid

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini Manicures For My Daughters

So this morning I decided to give my little girls special manicures,  usually once a week I polish their nails  but today I decided to give them just a little something extra lol.  I got these 2 nail decal wheels for Sally's beauty supply maybe about 2 months ago for around $5.99 and decided to put 1 on each ring finger.  I never really thought I would be good at nails but since school at Empire I have expanded my talents and its been super fun.  Anyways I thought I would share their mini manicures with you so maybe it would inspire you to try something new and it was super easy,  all you need is a decal wheel and some nail glue then you have something to make your at home manicure special :)

Select a style wheels from Sally's beauty supply, left flowers, and right fruit slices.

 Thaleia's nails, color essie "mademoiselle", ring finger china glaze "sweet hook", and watermelon slice nail decal.

 Noelle's nails,  hot ticket "I'll pink to that",  ring finger china glaze "for audrey",  and dark green nail flower decal.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 2012 Long Hair Design @ Empire

Hey everyone just wanted to show you some of the work I did last month at school,  we just finished long hair design in which we created various updos.  Below the images I will provide the undo name,  hope you enjoy and perhaps it will inspire you to create a hairstyle all your own :)

 The hair bow
 The "figure eight"
 Back view
 Top view
 "French twist" back
 "French twist" side
"French twist" top

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick bohemian hair tutorial is live

So I decided to try and film more hair tutorials on a more frequent basis because they seem to get a lot more views on youtube.  lately I have been into braided hairstyles simply because I'm trying to not use a lot of heat on my hair and let it recover just a little bit lol.  This hairstyle takes me about 5 minutes and I'm out the door,  I hope everyone enjoys and let me know or post pictures of hairstyles that you would like me to recreate ( any ideas are much appreciated lol).  God Bless and have a beautiful day :)

My inspiration for this hairstyle worn by Nicole Richie