Saturday, December 3, 2011

True Beauty

Today I wanted to talk about something that every person in some form or another may struggle with and that is feeling beautiful or attractive.  Its been on my mind since the Victoria's secret fashion show because everyone says oh this model is so beautiful or I wish I had a body like that!  I know there are days when I wake up and the last thing I feel is beautiful but there is someone who always thinks I'm beautiful and that's God.  The reason I decided to go into the cosmetology field was to make others feel good about themselves and to show people they don't have to be a size 0 to be considered attractive.  I feel God has placed that in me as a true desire of my heart because when I look at someone I always try to pick out something special about them.  We have been taught through television,  magazines, and other media about this so called "beauty" but we need to break that mold and appreciate beauty the way God meant us to.  The only way to truly break out of the mold is to start with ourselves,  because once you see the beauty inside you and display that confidence people will start to notice and think WOW.  But even if you are a person that can wake up and feel pretty right out of bed I encourage you to examine yourself past what is skin deep and think about what your personality or how you treat others displays about you.  For those who struggle with self esteem start with something that you do like about yourself,  is it your eyes or your hair,  whatever it is embrace it and go from there. If there is something about the way you look for example weight is something a lot of us struggle with i encourage you to try and take the steps necessarily,  go for a small walk every other day and watch the small steps add up.  You can't truly appreciate the beauty in others without appreciating the beauty within you.  I believe God made us all beautiful no matter what the world may tell you and I pray that if you are struggling with the way you look that he will provide you the strength to get past it.  Beauty is what's in the inside and that's what counts :)

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