Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

So yesterday my boyfriend and I where in Barnes & Noble (he was looking for a book on comic illustration).  I wondered off to the wellness and grooming section and found the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual and flipped through the pages quickly and it really caught my attention so blah blah lol he brought the book for me :)  I started reading it this morning and I'm sooo impressed,  right now is class we are going through skin theories and makeup and this book is perfect.  It goes through what is essentially and important information about the health of  your body and skin first then takes you step by step through makeup,  this book couldn't come at a more perfect time.  I absolutely recommend this book for everyone who is interested in makeup or skin care,  personally or professionally is so educational and a must have.  It retailed @ $19.99+tax and it's worth it,  can't wait to finish it.

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