Sunday, January 15, 2012

Special K Challenge

So today I started the 2 week Special K challenge,  if anyone hasn't heard of it you basically eat certain special k products for breakfast and lunch with a light dinner and they guarantee you to lose up to 2 pants sizes or up to 6lbs.  I love their cereal so I figured I give it a try,  they also emailed me about the challenge and I found out the have a phone app that helps you plan out your meals and your snacks for the day as well as a detailed shopping list that you can view for just the day, week, or 2 weeks.  You can also track your progress,  pick you diet plan,  and provide you with recipes based on your lifestyle which you can swap out different meals if you don't like what was planned :)  Anyways for today so far so good lol I wasn't hungrey at the end of tonight and I have that satisfying feeling,  so if you want to share your diet plan with me of maybe join me on mine comment below and for more information on the Special k challenage please visit their site at  Until next time have a blessed day <3

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