Monday, April 30, 2012

The Easiest Way To Give Yourself A French Manicure

That week I went to the International Beauty show at NYC and Discovered this manicure set that makes the french manicure a breeze and it will last up to 1 week.  The product is from Dashing Diva Professional and its called the "French wrap Manicure" it guarantee's no chipping, long lasting, and a perfect smile line every time.  This kit contains 140 french wraps for short nails, 140 french wraps for long nails,  brush on nail glue,  base seal,  fast drying top coat,  pink sponge file,  white broad file,  customers size card,  table tent,  and full instructions,  and its enough product for over 20 french manicures all for $36.99 from CosMoProfs lol I sound like a cheesy sales man :)  I decided to try the kit out today ( and yes I brought it with my own money)  and had to tell you it is the EASIEST,  I applied the french nail wraps to myself in about 10 minutes so I can only imagine its going to be even easier to apply this on a customer.  I am most definitely going to film a tutorial on how to apply the wraps soon but I wanted to try it first.  Until the below I will post images of the packing and my finished nails,  hope you check it out.  God Bless and have a wonderful week <3

P.S.  Easy squeezy lemon peazy lol.

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